Beginnings of cyc wall looking down from upstairs office

It’s been one hell of a crazy week here I have to say…  We got back from the West Coast on the Fri eve red-eye only to continue to get kicked to the curb with too much to do.  (not complaining mind you, just wiped)

Weekend shoots, followed by rush turn-around times for processing jobs quickly turned into This Old House at The Bunker.  I wish we had a bit more time, but we are all at battle stations in prep for three big ad campaigns we are shooting in June and in July, two of which are catalogue jobs and will be shot here in The Bunker.

This week is Cyc week, and I’m beyond pumped.  Our cyc (cyclorama, or infinity wall) won’t be the biggest in the world, but it will be more than big enough for anything that we will shoot.  It’s a two wall cyc with a 3×4 curve to the floor.  The long end is 26′, and the short 17′.

In order to best use space, I built two rooms into the back of the wall.  One will be a make-up room, and the other a changing room for models.

First wall goes up

Because we are in a commercial space, we have to pay particular attention to fire codes, which means we can not use stick framing (wood.)   This is actually very easy and goes up quickly.  I built each wall on the floor ensuring it was plumb, and then raised it to position.  The good thing about the changing room and the make-up room is that it really will give the cyc wall some stability.

Looking thru the changing room to the shoot space

The next step was to start thinking about the ribs for the floor to wall transition.

We are going to use 48 vertical ribs with stringers inset in the face.  The covering will be Wacky Wood and will be screwed to the ribs and stringers.   After that, the face will get a nice coat of plaster to smooth it all out.

Since the long and short wall are a bit different (long is closed, short is open) the ribs will attach in a slightly different manner.  On the long wall, I screwed sister-studs directly to the wall.  The ribs will screw to these.  On the short wall  added a 2″ tongue to the vertical part of the rib.  This will inset into the wall and be screwed to the metal stud directly into the open frame wall.  (I will post photos when I do it.)  The net net is basically a savings on time as well as material.

Installing sister-studs for the cyc ribs on the long wall

Once the walls were up, I started in on the drywall.  They have a really cool new product out called “lightweight” sheet rock.  (very cool) As soon as I saw it, I grabbed it.  Made moving it around much easier.

Make-up and changing rooms

Tomorrow we tackle the swoop….  It should be a long-ass day, but hopefuly we can tackle it in less than 14hrs…  Stay tuned!