At the airport and lo, another delay.

Rabbit and I are out on the road, back at it for Big Pharma. This genre of photography is really quite cool. I love the cutting edge technology, the insanely intelligent docs, scientists and engineers, and the opportunity the industry offers us to travel.

Like any job, there are ups and downs. The real trick is seeing the downs as ups. Makes it all much easier. (Easier said than done right?)

To most, the ever more frequent air travel delays are taxing… But I must say, there is a small part of me that just loves the entire travel experience. And yes, even the delays.

For me, the simple fact is that air travel is one of the few places I can totally relax. Air travel forces one to completely submit. No where to go, and nothing to do… Just sit. It took a while, but these days I have learned to let it all go; to just sit, soak it all in and relax.