New space (looking thru the rear loading dock)

Onward and upward…

May 1st we signed a lease for a new space effectively quadrupling our current studio.  DAMN is it big – 4000 square feet big.

The space is actually very very cool and will allow us to do a ton of awesome stuff.  At over 150 feet long, the possibilities are really endless.

Our plan is to divide it up into three main sections, office, motion picture post-production, and still/cinema production space.

The front 50′ will be open architecture offices where the staff will have a place to be comfortable.  The middle 50′ section will be where we have our conference room, two film editing suitescolor correction room, and gear storage.  The rear 50′ is especially suited for production as it has 22′ ceilings and a commercial loading dock.  Here, there will be a dedicated shooting space with a 20′ x 30′ corner cyclorama, green screen wall, light tables, full bath, make-up, and changing room.

We will be able to shoot anything a client wants from models to autos.  We are truly very excited about the move!

Front half of the space. Will house offices, editing suites, conference room, and color room

The real impetus for the expansion has been the increasing demand for the movie making side of the business.  The photography arm has always been strong with healthy growth, but the real surprise has been the movie work.  For the past five or six years the cinema side has been steadily outpacing the still work, with last year being the most amazing surprise slamming past the stills.  Today, it overshadows the still work holding a 65% share.

When I left the movie biz in L.A., I never expected I would be coming back full circle.   Still or motion, we are having a blast.  However we end up, with whatever we end up doing, we are just excited with the ride.

From the front, looking thru the middle towards the loading dock

The space and it’s goings-on will most likely morph into its own entity, taking the form of a full service production facility.  We are still tossing around names, but as of right now, we are calling the space “The Bunker.”  Since its building #5, we are leaning toward “Bunker 5,” or “Bunker 5 Studios.”  We like it enough that we’ve grabbed the domains, as well as the blog addy.

Stay tuned…

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