Ready to drive away in the Jeep

Made it safe and sound in Phoenix despite the roofs being torn off the Southwest jets.  Nothing like air conditioned air travel eh?

We have to do a bunch of back country work this trip along with some location scouting for a film job so we rented a Jeep Wrangler.  This should prove to be another crazy adventure…

Scouting from the Jeep 30 miles from the Mexican border.... HOT

After a hot, boring and dusty day/night in the low desert by the Mexican border, we had our fill and turned the Jeep north toward Sedona.

A quick lunch in town, a last check of the eMail, a quick blog post, and then off the grid…  The plan is to drive north up Oak Creek Canyon toward Flagstaff to spend the night in the back country in the Coconino National Forest.  About 30 min north of Flagstaff, we will look for a fire road and make camp somewhere off the beaten path.  With good luck, we will find a perfect back country camp site, light a nice fire, have a beer or two, and hit the hey early.

Tomorrows plan:  3am wake up, freeze dried breakfast, strike camp, and make the Grand Canyon by 5 for the sunrise.  Weather looks good, so it should be intense!

Rolling into Sedona