Made it home safe and sound once again… Spain was a total blast and the time on the ground ended up being a truly productive shoot.

Since our flight was at 3pm, we decided to get up uber early for the sunrise and get one more time lapse. It actually turned out to be the most productive day as the light was just perfect.

We ended up shooting at three different locations with about 6 miles of walking in between. By the time it was time to go, we were beyond knackered.

We hailed a cab, and shoe-horned our way inside. The good news was out driver was rocking out to some cool, crazy Spanish music… The bad news was that the car was not big enough to fit all the gear. We had to jam the body bag across the back seat and sit on it the entire way.

Getting Carnet stamped before leaving Spain

Leaving the country was a breeze. We hit customs and had them stamp our carnet, and then made out way to British Airways.

The luck of the Irish was with us, cuz when we finally realized where our seats were, we were sliding comfortably into a biz class seat and a chilled glass of white wine.

Looking forward to getting back to Madrid… It’s an amazing city!