(L-R) Rabbit, Eric (Sametz Blackstone,) Greg


Thought I’d share a bit of the gear we are using over here in Madrid.

This job, like almost all jobs we are doing these days covers both still photography as well as moving pictures.

For this shoot, we are shooting all the stills with the Nikon D3s bodies.  For video, we are using both the Sony Z7U (for interviews only) and the Nikon D3s (for “B” roll.)  We are mounting both cameras on the Cinevate Core Rig.

The Cinevate rig allows for much better focus control, the use of at mattebox, and a really solid place to mount the Small HD DP6.

The system works really well, and gives us much more flexibility/usability with the DSLR camera bodies.

Thanks to Eric from Sametz Blackstone for a great couple of days in Madrid!