Profoto AcuteB 600R

I thought I would take a second to talk about what I consider one of the most important pieces of equipment we have with respect to location photography…  The Profoto AcuteB 600R portable strobe.  Before this pack came around, we were stuck suffering through the cumbersome weight of the Profoto Pro-7B which weighed in at just over 25lbs.   At just over 10lbs, the AcuteB 600R is a perfect match for our style of photography.

AcuteB 600 at Burning Man

Now don’t get me wrong, there still is in fact a time and a place for the Pro-7b, but for 90% of the stuff we shoot, the AcuteB fits perfectly.

To wrap your head around the two, think of the 7B as the Army, and the AcuteB as the Marines.  The Marines are sprinters, and are a light and nimble force.  They are meant to be quickly inserted with minimal support, and quickly extracted.  They are easy to maneuver and can adapt to new environments very adeptly.

AcuteB 600R in the Atlantic...

In contrast, the Army is a bit more bulky.  They pack a huge punch, but take much longer to mobilize and can be far less elegant.  They are designed to go the distance, and when they come to town, they are there to stay.

The Pro-7B (the army) is an amazing pack for real heavy duty battery dependent strobe work.  The power in the pack is really solid, and will last and last.  The problem for us though is that with our style of shooting, we rarely need that much power, or that much battery charge…

Furthermore, the weight is pretty much the killer.  We never travel with just one pack (redundancy is king,) which means we are committed to traveling with two.  When you add in a third battery, the real world issues of size and weight bears its ugly head.  Two Pro7b’s, a spare battery, two heads, a Tenba Air Case and associated cables quickly puts you over the weight limit of the airlines which translates into unneeded charges for the client.

Portraits shot with AcuteB 600R

Now I’m not saying that we put the dollar over quality, but when you can get the same level of image without adding unneeded expense, why not go there?

The AcuteB 600R (Marines) is really a great bit of kit.  Its small profile allows it to be ultra portable, whist giving enough power and fast recycle time to shoot in the most demanding of situations.

The fact is that more times than not, when we go out, we have more than what we need with respect to the AcuteB 600R.  It’s light, compact, robust, and has never let us down.

Portraits shot with AcuteB 600R

We have used it on boats, in airplanes, in the ocean, and in insane dust storms with great effect.  It has always performed as expected, and is certainly an important tool in the making of great images.

Here are some images from my Portrait portfolio that were all shot with an AcuteB 600R.

Portraits shot with AcuteB 600R