Adjusting the Diva Lite

Man!  It seems like we have been shooting soooo much film work lately.  It’s crazy!  I’m really really enjoying it, and am totally re-energized as an artist.  For the most part, we have been staying in the science/technology sector with a little education sprinkled in here and there.    We have had some discussions with a couple of art directors about doing some TV commercials, which would be nice.  It certainly would be good to keep diversifying our body of work.

I am grateful for the technology sector.  It’s where I really feel at home, and is I think is the most fascinating for me.  I love to interface with the brilliant people, and am riveted when I get to sit down with them for an hour long interview.

Anyway… the big change for us these days is the use of the Kino Flo Diva Lite.  (I posted a film on the difference between the Kino and the Tota last week.)  We have been using the Kino’s on a number of shoots, and have pretty much switched to using them as our primary light source for film work.

I love how I can switch from daylight to tungsten, and love love love the rheostat on the back so I can dial in the power setting that’s best for the shot.