Since we are on the Holy Cross theme, I thought I’d share one of the films we did during the campaign.

The first film is called the “Virtual Tour” and was shot for the College of the Holy Cross on location at their campus in Worcester MA.  The intent was to present the look/feel of the school using an unconventional approach.  The film takes random student interviews captured over the course of one day and inter-cuts them with “B” roll of the campus and student life.

What’s important to notice with respect to the film work we did for HC is the synergy between the print work, the web, and the cinema.  If you look at the prior post where I show some of the printed material, you will see the cover of one of the mailers.  This photo, the photo of the front gate is the exact image that we see in the beginning of the Virtual Tour (its the default thumbnail on the Vimeo clip.)  This happens again and again in the film.  The aerial footage, shots of the campus, shots of the students, etc…

Before the convergence of shallow depth of field video, we could not pull this off.  Video always had that “video” look… But not anymore.  This is the fundamental reason that I am now so inspired with film making again.  For the first time since I left film school, I can now make a video frame look exactly as I see it in my head… And the best part is, I can make an amazing still image to boot!

Greg and MB from KOR Group

BTW… The interviews were shot using Sony Z7U’s, and the “B” roll was shot on the Nikon D3s, as well as some Z7U’s.