Last spring I began a really cool job with KOR.  The client was Holy Cross, and the scope was enormous!  The job was of course photography, but it also spanned three audio programs as well as four films.

We spent around 10 days on campus netting thousands of still images, lots of camera crane work, hours of time-lapse video, photo flights and enough video footage to fill one of the RAID’s.

I feel tremendously lucky to have gotten a chance to work with both KOR and Holy Cross, not only because we were able to have the creative freedom to impress the client, but have been pleasantly surprised by the widespread acclaim the work has netted.

Last month we found out that the work had earned a gold award at the CASE District I show for the view-book, and silver award for the entire suite of admissions publications.  Very cool news….

Today, I got an eMail from KOR letting me know that we also were awarded a merit (I guess this means “runner-up”) for the Holy Cross website, and a gold for the total recruitment package.

I am really proud of the work, and am overjoyed that the entire team was recognized by the effort.

Thanks to all those involved for helping put this project together!    (…especially to James Grady for putting up the photo of the work on the KOR blog for me to pilfer)