I think one of the things that gets me the strangest looks as a photographer is the section on the website we affectionately call “Road Kill.”

If I had a nickel for every time an art director asked me about it, then I’d have a lot of God Damn nickels.

I really do forget where the tradition started, but it started, and for the most part, I just deal with it.  Without much self exam, I can say this:  I love the exploration of color, I love the intersection of man and nature, and am truly interested at how the images affect individuals in different ways.  After much thought I can say this… it’s not done for shock value…  just for me.

Regardless of the reaction, the conversation always seems to come back to the Why.

“Why,” is really where it’s at for some, but today, God willin and the creek don’t rise, will leave it behind.  The discussion is really one to have over beers where all involved can wax poetic over the heady art-school platitudes.  For now, here on the blog, we are just going to have fun and accept it for what it is…  Some kind of interesting, twisted, but beautiful mysterious malady.

Here are three new images we shot whilst on location in New Zealand. They are some of my favorite from this series.  I hope you enjoy!