Thought I’d share this iPhone image I grabbed on Friday.  I had a quick meeting with an old client of mine OmniGuide.  Since 2003 (I believe) I have been shooting their catalog images.  For the most part its light table stuff with some larger medical lifestyle images tossed into the mix.  They are a great bunch of folks who know exactly what they want, yet trust in my creative process enough to let new ideas come to the surface.

I really enjoy having them as a client.

Anyway… Friday I popped into their office in order to pick up a bunch of new items for a new project and on my way up the stairs I was greeted with the above image.  Of course I realize that the clients are using the images throughout their businesses… It’s just always fun to see one’s work printed large in a public space.  Really pretty cool.  I never get tired of it.

Thanks OmniGuide for the freedom to explore!