Just wanted to give credit where credit is due and speak quickly about a company that we have been continuously impressed with over the past few months. SmallHD is a small company in North Carolina with some pretty cool innovative products.

We have been testing there amazing DP6, which is a small HD monitor. I actually really shouldnt say “testing,” as we have fallen in love with the thing and are totally sold… Anyway, it has been a staple now on all our film shoots in recent days. It has already logged miles back and forth across the US, and made it as far as London and Madrid. (An unsolicited plug, but if you like really well made, bomb proof equipment, than you should check the stuff out.)

Anyway, on Tuesday, we were on set and one of their batteries started turning on and off the monitor in rapid succession. This was totally weird, especially after the great performance we had been getting from the batteries that ship with the DP6. We have shot with it probably on 5 or 6 jobs now and the batteries have consistently given us about 4.5 hours of running, which was really great.

So back to the studio at the end of the day we went, and set all our batteries to charge. Early the next AM (about 5,) I got in to the studio to find that the battery was still showing “red.” Furthermore, the charger, which had a “green” light that tells you it is working, was not illuminated. We had a bit of a panic as I have gotten used to having the DP6 when shooting. We had been traveling a lot with the charger stuffed in various cases, so I chalked it up to our generally rough abuse of gear and jumped on the web to order another charger and some more batteries form SmHD.

After the order, I sent my friend Reed from SmallHD an eMail telling him about the problem to see if he had any ideas. I also mentioned how bummed I was as we were right in the middle of a campaign and still had lots of shooting to finish. Without blinking an eye, Reed sent me an eMail saying they were upgrading my shipping to next day air so we could have it for the next shoot day (which is today.) Furthermore, he was very concerned about the issue with the charger and battery, so he sent a UPS call tag so we could return it on their dime for inspection.

I have bought a lot of equipment over the past decade. More than I want to remember… Most of the “stuff” that surrounds us here in the studio comes from so-so manufacturers and is serviced by quasi-interested customer service departments who pretend to give a shit. It’s not that often as a professional that I feel 100% supported by the manufacturers. This is critically important when you think about it because without them, we could not effectively do our job.

As this is one of those rare occasions, I felt I should take the time and thank SmallHD for their support. It makes a difference to know companies like that are out there. When they become your partner in your hobby, artwork, or profession, the entire experience is eleveated to a new level.

Thanks to Reed, and to the crew from SmallHD for keeping the machine running smooth!