I think it’s because of my father that I love the airport so much…  He used to take me to watch the planes from the airport lounge at Logan which was up in the old air traffic control tower.  The tower was iconic on the Boston skyline with its cool, funky “attack robot” looking building from the 60’s and its curious golf ball on top.  If I close my eyes, I can still see the blue lights on the night runway.  Pretty cool memory for me.

I think these memories are the reason that I always feel so at ease when I am traveling by air.  It’s a nice feeling.  The problem is that everyone around you is rushing… Rushing to leave, rushing to arrive, rushing because they have no idea that they don’t have to rush.

Traveling by air is all about systems and protocols.  Pay attention to how things run, and you can accommodate the gatekeepers whilst still having a good time.  This is especially true as photographer/filmmakers.  We almost always have more with us than just a clean pair of underpants.

If you’re smart, you avoid the pitfalls.  Pitfalls are bad, and they lead to rushing.  To rush, is to exclude fun, and we are all about the fun.  If life sucks, then what the F is the point?

Rabbit jumps...

My 757 just arrived, and my mind is drifting.  I think it’s day six on the road, and I probably have only logged a total of 21 hours of sleep in that time.

Just a couple more days of focusing, then I can unplug my head.  Until that time, I will just concentrate on leaving the rush behind, and be thankful that I am still finding peace whilst others rush.
Adios España.