Shooting with Cinevate's Core Rig

Not much to report except long ass days, Jamon, Tapas, and more Jamon

So far so good here in Madrid.  It’s day two of five here on location in Spain and we are having a blast. (Wouldn’t want to be anywhere/doing anything else)

I will spend some time speaking about the gear above in a short blog film we are making, but in a nutshell, we are testing some new gear from some new vendors in order to give our input.

With us on this trip, we have one of Cinevate’s Core Package, as well as an Atlas 30 Linear Tracking System.  We are also testing the DP6, a small hi-def monitor from Small HD.  (You can see it above with the hood attached.)

Anyway… Today, we kicked the shit out of the Cinevate Core Package using it solidly on a 13 hour shooting day.  We carted it around Madrid shooting B-roll the first half, and then spent the second running around a hospital shooting some of the top scanning machines in Europe.

Rabbit gives his famous "thumbs up" on the Plaza Mayor

There are a couple of minor bugs on the Core Package that we will have to get Denis Wood to iron out in order for this thing to be totally solid, but all in all, the thing is totally freaking cool.  Shooting DSLR video with this rig is where it’s at.  The build quality and machining are top notch as well as uber rugged.   Again, there are some bugs…but I’m sold.  After Denis makes the slight changes for us, I can’t see ever shooting HD video with out this thing…. (more on the rig later)

The big winner of the day was the DP6 monitor.  At a bit over a grand with the needed accessories (extra battery, cables, grip gear etc…) which makes it a bit on the pricey side for the amateur filmmaker, but its definitely not a toy.

No BS, this unit is the bomb.  We have two large film jobs coming up when we get back and we are definitely going to pony up and get two or three…

Anyway… enough said.  It’s 2am and I have a 6am call for sunrise time-lapse.   Keep posted for more feedback about the Cinevate and Small HD kit-