Bored in Paris

Mon Dieu…

I first wrote this post on the iPhone whilst rolling out to the runway at Logan International just before we took off.  I had a great iPhone photo of Rabbit and I boarding at the Air France gate.  I quickly penned the post, uploaded a photo and tried to hit save… This is when the flight attendant politely grabbed the phone from my hand and shut it off.

She was just doing her job, and I was being “that guy.”  Anyway…  The post was supposed to be a happy one, “beats working for a living” kind of thing etc, etc, etc…  But I should have known better.  Location photography, especially international travel is always fraught with hassles.

To make a long story short, I’m sitting here in Paris, and not in Madrid.  Rabbit and I are both traveling on our EU passports, so I expected to breeze right thru.  For Rabbit, it was  smooth sailing, but for me, it was missed flight, and a luke-warm esspresso.

The delays started just as we took off with super strong head winds across the Atlantic.  This led to a late arrival.  Then broken buses delayed us from changing terminals.  Finally, with minutes to spare, the X-ray people held me up for a polite, but long shake down.

I’m not sure what it really is, but every time I run thru de Gaulle or Heathrow, the security people want to inspect every last little thing; and this is exactly what they did this time.  Today in fact was the worst I have ever had it.  Usually, you run the cases thru the X-ray, they get a look on their face, and then they ask if they can inspect it by hand.  This is commonplace, and we totally expect it.  The case goes up on a table and they slowly poke around the gear, swiping this and that with that testing wand.

This was not the situation this AM.  I sent the cases thru, then walked thru the metal detector.  As soon as the first case went thru, the guy made me go back thru the detector, and proceed to empty out every single item in each of my two cases into those plastic bins.  I must have filled  of em.  Everything was loose and getting knocked around.  D3’s, all my f1.2 and 1.4 primes, even the 300mm 2.8 was rolling around.  Totally freaked me out.

What was really hard was to keep track of all the loose stuff whilst rushing to trying and make the flight.  I was totally sure that some of the loose stuff was going to get pinched.   When I finally did get to go to the other side, the trays were all piled up, almost falling off the belt and onto the floor.  It was very exciting indeed.

Anyway, late on the ground, late to the terminal, delayed at security, and late to the gate = missed flight.

Fortunatly, there is another flight to Madrid.  All I have to do is wait.  Rabbit is good about this stuff.  We have been here before, and I’m sure he will just camp out at the airport and diligatly wait for the lost puppy to arrive.