My friend Mike Weymouth was busting on me the other day. He simply said, “how’s the blog?” He knew how it was, as did I, as does any of the folks who have been following along.

Fortunately the excuse has been being too busy, rather than too complacent. This has been a fantastic summer with many great projects and experiences.

Rabbit and I have been on the road a ton. We started the early spring in New Zealand, and just wound the summer down on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. It’s been a fortunate six months.

Anyway, today we are back in Boston shooting city time-lapse video for the fall push. Lots of ground to cover before the leaves change from the deep green to fiery red.

4am came, as it most certainly always does, far too early. With the antidote expresso on board, we find ourselves now camped on the Mass Ave “Smoot Bridge” filming one of the last summer sunrises. As with any time-lapse, there is lots of time for reflection, and now with the iPhone a common bit of kit, lots of time for blogging.

So here goes…. A couple of iphone pics, the gathering of a couple of thoughts, and second for a quick post.
A sliver of early AM film making as it were. Lots of beauty, lots of boredom… Lots of ideas, lots of inspiration, and far too many joggers reminding me I don’t get nearly enough exercise.

Im sure the footage will be rewarding, but the real take home lesson? Car after car… with all manor of neck tie pass behind us. We chuckle. It’s a good day to be a photographer.