Old Tacoma with all the HD stuff removed. Just decals left...

We said goodbye to the work truck this weekend…  Sad to see it go.  It was worked pretty hard over the course of the past five years with just almost 130k of photo miles so it was time.

Before trading it in though, we had a solid two days of work to remove all the aftermarket parts which made it such a neat truck.  Basically, we had to bring it back to stock.  The time removing all the parts was not wasted as we got pretty much the same exact thing to replace it… another silver Tacoma.  Basically everything we took off will get swapped right back onto the new truck.

The only thing we ordered differently as compared to the last truck was the engine and cab.  The last Tacoma was a 4cyl Access cab.  The new one is a V6 quad cab.  The reason for this was primarily the interior.  After our 05 was made, Toyota decided to redesign the back seats.  In a nutshell, they changed the back so that the rear jump seats no longer fold flat into the floor.  This meant that we could no longer use the back as a load space.  To get around this, we had to move up to the quad cab. 

Removing parts from the old truck

The quad cab is a much longer truck (more than a foot) which is way better for storage… the only problem is that now there are full size seats back there!  No worries…  It took about 20 min once we got back from the dealership before we got out the tools and began to tear out the interior.

rear seats removed...

With the seats and rear interior removed, we quickly added some extra sound protection to keep the inside nice and quite.  We have found that DynaMat is by far the best stuff to use.  We roll DynaMat down first, and then add DynaPad over the top for best results.

DynaMat and DynaPad installed...

With the seats removed, we then fabricated some custom brackets, and added some pre finished hardwood plywood as a load space floor and back.

Fabricating brackets to mount to the OME rear seat mounts

Maple hardwood plywood floor and back

Brackets fit right into the seat mounts

Trimming the ply, and covering with a high traffic rug

We also put a call over to ARB USA and ordered a bunch of goodies for the new work truck.  The new Tacoma will have an Old Man Emu Heavy Duty suspension lift, an ARB bull bar, Superwinch EP9, IPF 900XS HID lights, compressor, ARB front and rear air lockers, BFG 255 85 Mud Terrains, radios, and even a Safari Snorkel.

New V6 4x4 Quad Cab work truck...

Stay tuned…