Andrew at Newtonville Camera

You gotta spend money to make money… (I guess.)  We are slammed solid (thank God) for the next nine weeks on a pretty big photo/video account so I needed a fourth body.  I’m also double booked for Monday, so Rabbit’s gonna head out to grab the stills.  Both our jobs are mostly exclusively naturally lit, so having enough D3s bodies is crucial.

The account we are working on now is also the perfect job to incorporate the D3’s ability to shoot 720p HD video.  Our client is looking for something a bit different, and having that “movie” look will really give the pieces we are producing for them that edge.

I got the D3s yesterday through our friends over at Newtonville Camera in Newton.  It’s still a bit tough to get one quickly, so I called up NPS (Nikon Prof Services,) put in a request, (they expedited it) and before I could say “Bob’s your uncle” I got a call from Andrew over at the shop saying it was in.  Of course picking it up was a bit of a SNAFU.  We needed to have the body for our 8am call time today, so we had to make the shop by close at 7pm  Our 13 hour day ended at half past 6, and we had a 45 min drive back to the city. No worries though… a quick call to Andrew and he graciously offered to wait past close so we could grab the body.  Thanks Andrew!

Im not trying to plug them, but I have purchased every digital camera (including HD video cameras) through these guys over the past ten years.  There is really no one in town I trust more than the guys over at Newtonville.  Their service is always tip top, and their prices are always just as low as any I can find on the web.  Now we just have to convince Paul to update his crappy website!

Thanks Paul, Bob, and Andrew…. AGAIN!

BTW…  If you are not an NPS member, give them a call and sign up.  Having Nikon to fall back on when you need them is pretty damn cool.