I find myself thankful to have entered into the photography world at just the right time.  I am old enough to have shot a shit ton of film, but young enough to have fully embraced the digital revolution at its onset.  Its a nice place to operate from.

That said, I will in no circumstance claim to fully understand the digital experience.  Even to this day I am constantly doing all I can to hold on as the digital photography world whizzes by.  The best we can do is commit to new gear, try to stay current, and learn as best we can.

Despite my quasi-ignorant approach, I was sure I had at least one digital nugget to dispense, and thought of this:  If you are shooting a lot of digital these days, do yourself a favor and shoot a frame with a gray card in it.

There is plenty of info on the web these days as to the technical nature of the gray card, so I’m not going to get into it here except to say that the gray card is basically the baseline from which the computer can judge color.  This is important so flesh tones look like the are supposed to, and hyper critical when you are shooting product.

For our work flow, we use Adobe’s Lightroom.  In a nutshell, once the images are imported, we use the frame with the gray card to adjust all the subsequent images.

Kind of a pain in the arse, but a necessity if you want to deliver images that are true to form.

(images used are from past jobs with one of our long-term clients Omni-Guide)