March eMail Promo, "Anatomy of an Industrial Image"

For whatever reason, I have always been fairly lazy with my advertising.  For the past four years or so, I have been paying for a subscription with ADBASE, but using it pretty infrequently.  ADBASE is a fee based service that gives you access to an up to date list of potential clients in the creative industry.

In the past, we have used the service to send out some of the more zany videos we have done like our  July 4th Promo, 2008 and 2009 Holiday Promos.

We have also used it for some cross promotional stuff like when Shepard Fairey of Obey Giant fame had his show here in Boston at the ICA and when friend and mentor Mike Weymouth was featured in Graphis Magazine.

Shepard Fairy Portrait Promo

Last month, I sent out my first real attempt of promotion in eleven years of business.  I put together some of the images from the 2009 Corning Inc Annual Report campaign and sent it out to roughly 11,000 people.  The promotion was extremely successful with just over 30% of the recipients viewing the message.

Blog visits increase due to promo

To continue in this vein, we are currently sending out a March mailer.  Everyone says one should promote the style of photography one is both best at, as well as most interested.

Sounds easy right?  I don’t think so…  For me, picking a genre to focus on is a bit of a challenge.  The fact is I fully love everything I get to shoot.  How is one supposed to choose?  It’s like asking Mrs Walton to choose which one of her kids is her favorite.  John-Boy, Jason, Mary Ellen, Jim-Bob?   She just couldn’t do it, and neither can I.

Corning AR Campaign Promo

Diversity of subjects and genres are why I love to shoot Annual Report style photography.  One single AR campaign might take you through an executive portrait, over to table top work, inside a clean room, and on the skid of a helicopter.  It’s really where it’s at for someone who can vary their style from morning to afternoon.

So where to go with a promotion.  Where to start?   I guess first, one must start with being realistic for a second.  Yes we are extremely fortunate with the kind of jobs we tend to shoot, but however pie-in-the-sky our attitude, promotions (I think) are a good thing, and to do this a start must be made somewhere.

Mike Weymouth Graphis Promo

For March, I am going to focus on the industrial image.  (Don’t let the other kids hear, but it’s probably as close to a favorite as I can get.)  This is probably because the industrial image tends to put us in the coolest of places.  It usually involves travel, and most always involves really cool, and really big stuff.

I also chose to highlight the industrial image because last year I wrote one of my favorite posts on the subject called “Anatomy of an Industrial Image.” Using the post will allow me a chance to get some more traction out of it.  Nuthin wrong with that eh?  The promo features an image made in Boston Harbor.  A lot of planning went into the shot, and I think It’s a pretty cool photo.  Proud of that one I am.

Anyway… the March promo goes out today to another (roughly) 11,000 creative professionals.  We’ll cross our fingers and see how its received.