Slovenian passport

Well I have to say I’m pretty pumped!

Over the past couple of years, I have been fortunate enough to shoot photographs in Europe on a consistant basis.  Most of the time, there’s no problem… we just fly over and shoot.  But every once and a while we bid a job out of Europe and loose it because we are not citezins of the European Union.

Fortunately today this will no longer be an issue because this fall I got my Slovenian citizenship and now, my E.U. passport.

Country of Slovenia

How you ask???  Well, my father (Greg Hren Sr.) was born in the country of Slovenia during the Second World War .   Avoiding their murder by the comunists, he, his siblings, mother and aunt escaped in the back of a truck over the alps in the middle of the night.  They fled to Austria, Italy, and finally to the United States.  His father (my grandfather) stayed behind to fight a rear guard action with the Home Defense to secure their families safe retreat.  Although successful, his father was later captured, and murdered in a field along with several other freedom fighters.

Anyway… The United States does not have a problem with its citezens holding dual citezenship, so I applied.  It took about two years, lots of paperwork, and several trips down to NYC to the consualte, but alas it is done.

As Rabbit holds his British and US citizenship, we are both all good to go for whatever is coming down the pike!