It was almost a year ago now when I wrote what has become one of the more famous posts on this blog.  “Bring back pegging.” I know… surprising right?  What is more nutty than the post popularity is the occasional eMail asking if we are serious about pegging pants.  Really, right?

Anyway, I had a meeting with the art director from Work N’ Gear today regarding an upcoming shoot which got me thinking of all the fun we have had over the past year on different shoots.  It came to me that I should bring to light a fashion trend that I have been working at in earnest.  It was my plan to force Rabbit and Chris to adopt the practice, and take every opportunity I get to preach the earthly benefits of the usage.

Many a time, whence passing by our company you might hear the phrase “soon everyone will be wearing them.”  I have of recent become quite melancholy with regard to the every important usage of the accessory… and then I remembered… my bully pulpit!

It dawned on me that I could use the old World Wide Super Web Internet Network to aid in my quest…. So here goes!

I call on all of you to wear a sweat band!