Probably the most fun I have on the job is when I get to shoot a campaign for an annual report.  This is because most of the annual reports we are fortunate enough to shoot really get to the root of what I love about photography.

When we’re lucky, they most always include travel, adventure, and in most cases really really really cool sh#t.  AR’s have taken us around the globe, in the air, under the water, and in every climate on the earth.  They are truly really very cool jobs to work on.

This said, and cool stuff aside…. the real nugget to shooting AR’s for us is the chance to shoot a wide range of styles of photographs.  A typical annual that we shoot runs the gambit with respect to style and typically includes studio, table top, location, as well as environmental images.

When I first began making images, I was constantly finding myself being drawn seven ways from Sunday, and was generally accused of a “lack of focus.”  For some reason, people have an issue with a diverse body of work.  They seem to want to pin you down as an artist and put you in a neat little box.  The funny story is the photographer who is being considered to shoot images of oranges.  She doesn’t have specifically orange images in her portfolio, but has dynamite lime photos.  She presents her alternate fruit at the meeting, and is shocked when the client says, “they are fantastic images of limes, but we need someone who can shoot oranges.”

Fortunately for us, having the ability to shoot a range of styles has been rewarded by being tasked with shooting some outstanding AR campaigns.  This season, I think my favorite was the 2009 Corning book.  There were no helicopters, or jet fighters on this job, but we had a chance to show our stuff shooting all sorts of different styles.  We also got a chance to spend some time with our old friend and art director Craig Keefer.  Criag has been very loyal to us over the past 8 or 9 years and we are always thankful.

Corning has generously given us permission to share some of the images we made from the winter, so we hope you enjoy.

To see more examples of a diverse shooting style on a single AR campaign, check out the “campaigns” link that is up on the web site.  Good examples of this are the Entegris AR, the US Shpping AR, the Dynagraf promo book, and if your interested, the 2008 Corning AR.