Not posting… yeah I know.  Just not interested in social media these days.  Canceled Facebook, canceled Twitter, gonna scratch Linkedin…  The blog still gets lots of traffic, so I guess I am a schmuck and should get off my ass…  New Years rez?

That said, I saw something this afternoon that got me really inspired.  I went to the barber (same barber since my first haircut) today to get all pretty for the holiday, and I bumped into this really cool older guy.  We yapped for a while about his time in the service and his knowing Chinese.  I asked him if he lived in town, and he said yes and that he had moved here in the 70’s.  When he asked him if he had kids, he told me yes, and then told me his sons names.  Lawson and Penn he said.  I smiled a big smile, and knew why the man looked familiar.  Penn was younger then I, but Lawson and I went to school together.  When we were both sort of starting out, Lawson and I had a joint show where he screened his film, and I hung a bunch of images.

At any rate… Both Lawson and Penn are now in the business.  Penn is over at Partners and Simons, and Lawson (from Arnold) is now working freelance.  His dad told me about Laswson’s new website and the buzz around it, so I had to check it out…. It’s totally worth checking out.  My kind of humor.

Make sure you also check out his work.  Lots of funny creative stuff!

Kudos Lawson!