Man alive have we been slacking with this blog thing.  Oh well.

The good news is things have been off the hook.  We are full swing in AR season, and have been enjoying the road.  Lots of science and technology work, lots of manufacturing, and some biotech.  We also have a couple of aerial jobs booked.  (looking forward to the flight.)  I’ll make sure to post about those shoots.

Heading back out tomorrow for a week for a client outside of Rochester, NY.  I will try to post some picks of the side show, however we have been mostly under contract lately to keep the clients on the DL when it comes to the blog.

Got some cool new shots for the “Road Kill” project.  We shot some porcupines up on the tip of Cape Breton, NS at Meat Cove.  Very cool up there.

Lately the big problem is the wear and tear on the gear.  Totally blows.  Almost all of the glass in the bag is out with Nikon now because of one bit of damage or another.  Thank God for NPS (Nikon Professional Service.) One quick eMail, and a loaner 17-35, 24-70, and 70-200 were over nighted so we wouldn’t skip a beat.  Thanks to Carrie over at Nikon for your help and fast turn around!

Here’s a quick image we grabbed of Rabbit in his proverbial test subject roll.  I really like the feel of the shot.  We did it in a tiled hallway in a ordinary coridor.  The real shot (which I am not allowed to show…) had an engineer standing in the hall with a gizmo in his hand.  We used the Profoto Octa just above his head.  It’s cool what you can do with one light.

Rabbit posing again...

Rabbit posing again...