droboEver since we started shooting video we have been in a constant battle for storage space.  It seems like every time I turn around I am ordering more drives.  First 500’s, then 750’s, 1TB’s, and now 2TB’s.  In the studio we have two editing suites set up for HD video editing, and one workstation for still photography.  Between the three, there is something crazy like 25TB of storage, most of which is RAID 5.  Most of the RAIDS are set up with 1TB drives, and I cant even begin to try to count just how many there are kicking around to in order to create the total storage volume.

The good news is that there are some really big video projects in the works right now, but the bad news is that we are pretty much maxed out and need to find another storage solution.

Rabbit sent me the info on the new DroboPro from Data Robotics, and we are going to take a chance and give it a try.  We have three of the first generation Drobos in the studio that we use for back ups and such, and they have been pretty much bomb-proof.  Their big downside has always been that they are VERY slow!  Even with the Firewire 800, they are dogs.    Forget editing video with them.

I hate buying crap, and was a bit worried about all the Drobo rhetoric, so I gave Drobo a call.  They were great to deal with, and put me in touch with one of their systems architects.  We had a nice long conversation (most of it above my pay grade) but the net net is (according to Drobo) that using iSCSI, we will get acceptable performance out of the unit.

To be fair, we are still going to be editing current projects off internal RAIDS using the internal bus, but I think (or at least I hope) that this will be a slightly more economical solution for mass video storage.

In total, (with new Western Digital 2TB drives from Newegg,) the set up ran us just about $4,000.00, vs/ another Promise RAID from Apple that would have been about $12,000.00.

(Of course, you can be sure that in 2-3 months from now, the thing will be full and we will be looking to do it again, or bite the bullet and go with another Promise)

Stay tuned….