Yesterday Richard and I spend the day at the Holiday Inn Brookline where I gave a lecture along with Sean Alanzo Harris and Craig Orsini to graduating students from NESOP (New England School Of Photography.)

The students are finishing up their final days at school, and are getting ready for their portfolio review.  Sean, Craig, and I gave presentations on our bodies of work.


Sean, Myself, and Craig (far Right)

The event was organized by Selina Maitreya, who is a famous photographers portfolio consultant.  (she was actually the first in the United States, and has been in the biz for almost 30 years…)  She has a new book that is worth checking out called How to Succeed in Commercial Photography.


Sushi lunch at JAE’s

We started a day at JAE‘s in Brookline for some sushi (which was delicious!)  I had never met Sean or Craig before, so I was excited to do so.  I have been following Craig’s career since I began my business, and it was really cool to get to lecture along side of him.  If you are not familiar with his work, you should really check it out.  He really has a cool sense of humor, and is a consummate professional.


Sean shows his work


Craig Orsini preps for his presentation

Sean lives up in Portland and has been focusing on fine art photography, and has been shooting some really cool BW images.



The day was split up into two segments.  First, the three of us gave our presentations.  These lasted about 40 min each.  We took a break, and then split up into break-out groups to show more of our work and discuss portfolios.


break out groups

All in all it was a successful day.  I was really grateful for being asked to speak, and enjoyed getting to hang with the students, as well as hang with my colleagues.

Thanks NESOP and Selina for a great afternoon!


Craig gives some final nuggets…