Chris and Greg demonstrating Warrior One

We were back at Work N’ Gear last week shooting more lay downs.

As I have said in the past, shoot over at WNG is blast and we always have fun.   The photography isn’t that complicated, but working with Chris, Tony, and Gary makes them some of the more memorable days.  (to get limbered up, we started the day with a little yoga…)


We use basically the same set up every time we are over there.  We use one pack, and two lights.  The clothing is laid down on the seamless, with the large 7′ Elinchrome Octabank one side, and the 3′ Octabank on the other for fill.  Nothing specially fancy, but it work great.


CB can’t seem to stay away…

Chris then strips out the shirts from the white background, and lays them into the comp.

If we have lots of shirts to shoot, then we usually mount the camera on a rig and suspend it over the set, but when we have 5-10 set shots to do, we just use a ladder.