I have to say that Monday was just one of those days.  It was one of those days where I couldn’t believe that I actually have the job that I do….

Monday was spent back over at MIT shooting B roll for our on going movie series featuring professors from the Research Lab of Electronics.

Rabbit building the Steadycam rig

Most of the day we were shooting with Steadicam Pilot.  For those unfamiliar with the Steadicam system, it is basically a platform that uses gimbals and springs to mitigate camera shake from a traditionally hand held camera position….  See Wikipedia for a better explanation.

The technique is pretty stylized, and shouldn’t be used all the time, but for certain shots, it is unparalleled and very cool.
In a nutshell, the system has three parts.  A harness that the operator wears to distribute the load, a gimbaled iso-elastic arm to float the camera, and the sled, which consists of the camera, the armature, battery pack, monitor, and counterweights.

Thanks Rabbit for shooting this wonderful photo of me....

Operating the camera is fairly difficult, but pretty rewarding.  Besides… it is a hell of a lot of fun!  I will try to post some footage in a later post.

(Oh… and thanks Rabbit for the great photo of me.  Revenge is sweet.)