Pelican cases are our first choice when on the road

Pelican cases are our first choice when on the road

There are so many choices for equipment cases these days, it is often hard to figure out exactly what the hell to buy.  This is especially true early in a photographers career when one has to make smart decisions with the wallet.

Really there are two camps to choose from.  On one side you have the hard case, and on the other, the soft.

In my opinion, the two leaders in these camps are the Air Case by Tenba, and the Pelican Case.  So the question is what to buy????

For me, the choice used to be very simple…  Pelican!

Pelican cases are by far the most durable, environment-proof, kick ass cases around.  They have traveled with me around the planet, and have never ceased to amaze me with their professional reliability.  There is one small bug that has slowly crawled its way into into our sleeping bag, and that their weight.

The problem we are having now when flying with the Pelican cases these days is the fees we are getting hit with because of overweight cases.  For example, the large Pelican that holds the Profoto strobes weighs 20 lbs empty.  Add the 85lbs of strobe gear, and we are not only over the 50lb max, but over the 100lb mark putting us into a second tier fee category.

Because of this, when flying, we have switched to the Tenba Air Case.  These cases aren’t as rugged, but are saving the client extra fees while on the road.  They are a good compromise and serve the clients best.