I was bumping through some images last night tyring to gleen some inspiration for todays post when I came accross a photo we shot last summer.

The photo was shot on a 1988 Boston Whaler in the outer harbor (Boston.)  We were shooting some life style images at sunrise, and set this photo up using a camera mounted on a boom off the gunwale of the boat.

Looking at the image suddenly brought back a flood of wonderful memories of shooting out on the water, and really got my juices flowing for the warm weather.

But as I examined the photo, I remembered why I loved this particular image.  The fact is… the perspective is a bit different!

The point I am tying to make is this:  Put your camera in a different place.  Often times we grab our point and shoot cameras and take photos from a common perspective.  This is usually lazily standing fully erect, with the camera to our eye.  The net net is  a  photograph that everyone has experienced.   Boring!


One of the real keys to making a unique image is to put that damn camera in a place that other people usually don’t go.  This may mean laying down on your belly, climbing a ladder, or even being underwater.

A nice example is seen above.  In the photo of the sail boat, I climbed the mast and shot the boat using an X-Pan from a perspective that we usually don’t get to see.

There are a lot of things that make this image interesting, but its the perspective that really makes it a great image.