CB Goes to town

CB Goes to town

Most people don’t know, but CB is a graduate of the North Bennet St School, which is one of the most prestigous woodorking schools in the country.

I’ve been after him for a while now to build us some bookcases on the second floor of the studio, and alas, this week he installed them!


They are truely very beautiful.  I could never have come close as far as matching the craftsmanship.  Chris has been slowly transitioning away from assisting (cherry picking the travel jobs) and moving into his woodworking.  (We are going to really miss him once he really throws in the towel…)

If your interested, check out CB’s website…  He has pretty much fully set up his shop, and is focusing on 16th and 17th century furniture, as well as high end kitchen and livingroom cabinets.  You can see photo of his shop and follow the orgainization of his woodworking shop on his blog.

Check it out!