The Hacienda, looking from the bay

It was a great trip in the end.  We were able to shoot lots of fantastic images, ate amazing food, and made lifelong friends!  What more can one ask for a day of work?


Our flight was at 2pm, and we had a 4 hour drive ahead of us, so we were up before the sun, made a couple of last pictures, shot some time lapse video of the sunrise, then packed the gear and hit the road.

Of course the drive back was just as exciting as the drive when we arrived.  Actually, it was probably even more exciting as we were following Henry (the care taker) who incidentally drives like Colin McRae. Most of the first hour was an intense high speed dust bath.  It took every ounce of concentration to keep the cows and mopeds out of the front grille.

Rush hour traffic in Ensenada

Rush hour traffic in Ensenada


Once on the hard top, we said goodbye to Henry, and made a B-line across the mountains toward Santiago and the airport.

As the job was over, Rabbit insisted on relaxing, so we made a quick stop to fill our stand bag with Brugal, the local elixir.  (he of course had to do some sampling on the way to the airport…)



The down side of Cuba Libres

The down side of Cuba Libres

Returning the car was about as time consuming as picking it up.  Martin, the Hertz dude had to do a full inspection of every body panel, every bit of glass, and all the rugs.  (Of course, Rabbit had spilled some Coka Cola on the floor, so we were encouraged to make a donation so we could avoid a $50 cleaning fee.)

Martin and his bro at the rental car place

Martin and his bro from Dollar at the rental car place

By the time we made it to the airport, we were pretty much zonked…  We checked our bags in, and had a big lunch at the airport where we had internet access for the first time all trip.  (It was nice being away from the hustle and bustle, but now it was back to eMails, IM, Facebook, phone messages, and of course… the blog.)


The importance of proper "travel socks"

Firing up the laptop to check eMail for the first time in 5 days

Firing up the laptop to check eMail for the first time in 5 days

Out like a light

Out like a light

We paid our exit tax, and made it to the airplane.  A two hour flight to Miami and we were through customs and back in the US of A.

Thanks to the staff of the Hacienda for a great shoot.  We couldnt have done it with out you!