The afternoon of day 3 down in the DR was spent shooting portraits of the local folk of Ensenada.

The main drag of Ensenada (main drag is a stretch, as it is small dirt strip about a quarter mile long with a cul-de-sac at the end.  On one side are these little Casitas or mini open air restaurants, and the other side is the beach)gh2_7297


The street picks up during the weekends when (mostly Dominicans) arrive to hang on the quite secluded beach, and eat great fresh food.

We spent a couple of hours with the D3, the SB900, the SU-800 Commander, and a Lastolite (collapse-able) soft box moving from Casita to Casita shooting portraits Joe McNally style.  It was a lot of fun!



In a nutshell, the SU-800 is a wireless device that enables the camera, to talk to the flash with the intent of shooting TTL (Through the Lens) as if the flash was on the hotshoe.  Although not for every situation (as there are many drawbacks, to shooting this way) the technique is a quick and easy way to move around in a remote area with minimal gear and get great results.


For more info on this method, check out our collouge Dave Hobby’s blog called Strobist.  He is a huge proponet.