lbhomepage1Last month I wrote a post about my experience working with Livebooks (my website company.)

Shortly there after, I got a nice eMail from Michael Costuros the founder and chairman of the company thanking me for the kind words.  (it was actually easy because the experience was a positive one…)  Anyway, after his eMail, I got to thinking…

This month, I will be volunteering at the DC Shoot Off along with some other professional colleagues to give a lecture.  I had just approached Calumet Cambridge in order for them to support the event, and I thought that Livebooks would also be a good sponsor.  I pitched the idea to Michael, and Livebooks agreed.

The good news is that Livebooks will be donating a gift certificate for $800 off any LB web package!

So a big thanks to both Michael, and Livebooks for their support to the photo community!