One of the most important aspects of what we try to do with our work is to bring value to the client.

Whenever, and wherever we shoot, we make a point to go above and beyond the clients needs and to shoot as much as possible.  Often times, we end up shooting additional images that were not planned or had a specific use at the time, but came in handy down the line.

The image above is of the CEO of Corning.  We were out shooting for the Annual Report, and on the last day of shooting, a request came in to their investor relations department for a portrait of Mr. Weeks.  We gladly shot the portrait in between scheduled photos.  The images was supplied to the magazine, and chosen for the cover.

Because our contract with Corning has no managed rights, Corning has the ability to use this, or any of our photos again and again wherever they need at no additional cost.  This is a tremendous benifit to Corning, and is one of the reasons we have been envolved with the company over all these years.