Chris standing for tests

Chris standing for tests

I know this might be a given… or maybe even a cliche.  Regardless, in my opinion it is the most important part of a good commercial photography biz.

Tip # 5.  Surround yourself with GOOD people.  A good assistant can make or break a job.  When you are on the road, they keep you sane, keep you from making a fool of yourself, and often keep you grounded.

Our crew:  (R-L) Rich, Gary, Greg, Phil, CBK

Our crew: (R-L) Rich, Gary, Greg, Phil, CBK

Nothing can replace a good assistant, and I owe the creation of many a good image to the aid and assistance of my assistants.

If your starting out in the biz, make it a point of working with an assistant.  Often times this this is hard because you are working with little to no budget.  Even so, make it a point to bring an assistnat along (even if you have to pay a friend out of your pocket.)

If you do, the net net will be a much better photograph.  This in turn, will give you better images in your portfolio, which will in turn help push your career along.

Good luck!