The luckiest thing that can happen to you over a career is being blessed with long term clients.  For us, our longest term client is the Resaerch Lab of Electronics over at MIT.  This week, we are continuing with an on-going project to photograph students and post docs.

What makes working with The Lab as well as their staff so great, is their overall tenor.  The greatest gift that the Lab has given us is the allowance to be ourselves.  We are constantly being encouraged and supported by their staff, especially folks like Bill Smith, Krista Van Guilder, and Dave Foss to dig deep and push our creativity.


It is because of this partnership and support that we have been able to constantly reinvent ourselves and consistently produce A level work including over 100,000 cataloged images, and 11 films.


Rabbit in the role of "The French Revolutionary"

We have been shooting these photos for over eight years now and we basically follow a simple formula:  Soft box over to one side… black velvet in the back… and the assistant sits to the camera side of the light and interfaces with the subject.

Its a quick and easy “eyes off camera” or what we call “working meeting” style photograph.

Here are some of the photos from the shoot….