I got an eMail asking about how we mounted the cameras for the gratuitous “about” film we made, so here are some of the “behind the scenes” photos…

Basically what we did was pretty simple, and consists of mounting a bunch of grip gear in a creative way.


The first thing you need is a solid platform to mount things from.  In our case, when we bought the Toyota Tacoma, we installed a front bumper made by ARB.  This bumper has a tubular top, which makes it very easy to attach pipe clamps as well as super clamps.


In the back, we use a factory trailer hitch.  To each we have added lots of grade 8X1/2 bolts to which we can attach super clamps.  From here, all you need is a bunch of grip gear, and then sky is the limit… In these set ups, we generally use a lots of super clamps, magic arms, grip arms, and boom arms.


There is some shake with the camera, but all in all, the footage we get is pretty solid, and if there is any shake is the footage, we can address it in post.  (see the image stabilization test here… make sure you click “high quality”)

The biggest concern is having things fall off.  (seriously)  When you are on the highway rolling with the traffic, the last thing you want to do is have an expensive camera go rolling under your tire and cause an accident.  We like to think of ourselves as members of the Department of Redundancy Department.  You can never be too safe!

Good luck!