I got an eMail this past weekend asking some advice on how make better photographs of children.  Rather than reply to the eMail, I thought that this would be a better place to do so…

In a nutshell, the single most important thing to remember when shooting children is get down to their level!  Remember, children are mini people and see the world differently.  Its important when shooting kids to get your camera in a different place in order to convey their experience.  At or below their eye level is best.  Most times adults are just too damn lazy to bend down, thus, their photos are from THEIR perspective.  This is the trick!


Sometimes I also like to “funk” out the world by working with colors and different lenses.  With respect to the first image above, I wanted to give the feeling that you were seeing the world through the eye of the child.  To do this, I used a fisheye lens to slightly distort the vertical lines, and then incorporated the vivid colors on the floor to give the candy-excited-wonderment feeling (new word I just made up) that a child might experience.



With respect to the image below with the giraffe, I used the same technique with the colors, but chose to shoot with a longer lens to give compression to the photo.  This adds a bit of intimacy which gives a special quality to the image.

Overall, you just want to take the time to think about where you will place the camera.  Getting down to the child’s level will almost always net you a fantastic photo.

Best of luck!