Although we only had 5 hours at the event to shoot, the NAMM show was a blast and the shots were great.  Rabbit did his fair share of humping carrying the gear all over creation and is to be commended for keeping up his positive attitude.  This was a great shoot for Rich because he was able to shoot lots of 2nd camera “B” roll video.  The project will really benefit from his contribution.

As I have said in the past, the best part about what we get to do is meet interesting people from around the globe, and this trip is no different.

Fellow photog Mike...

We met this other photog at the show… I never caught his last name, but his first was Mike.  He kind of reminded me of the Dennis Hopper charecter in Apocolypse Now with all the cameras clanking around his neck.  We got to rap about Nikons and the latest digital developments.  He had a really cool vibe and a cool story.  I think he was a bit startled when I put my arm around him and had Rabbit shoot the photo.  You can sort of see it in his face….  We had a good laugh after.

Anyway, noon came around, and we had to make tracks.  We were sorry we didnt get to spend more time at the show, but are confident the shots are solid, and the client will be pleased.


Rich decides he needs more to carry...