This past weekend I spent some time reflecting on the year we just left behind.  Richard was finally taking a weekend off so I had some time alone in the studio.

What started at an attempt at cleaning and getting more organized ended up being a walk through memory lane in the drawers of the flat file.  I began pulling out a lot of old printed pieces where our photography lived, and realized that more and more of our photos were ending up not on the printed page, but solely on the web.



It’s not like it’s a surprise.  I realize that most of the things we shoot these days are ending up on the web, but there was something about physically thumbing through all the old annual reports that made me think a lot about where we are as photographers and more importantly the business is going.

Earlier in the day, I was spending some time with my sisters two twins (1.7 yrs) and sat with them watching some vintage Sesame Street clips.  (yes, for those of you who don’t know, you can watch all the original clips on the web at SesameStreet.org.  Suffice it to say, I was in heaven….)


Anyway, I watched one clip with Ernie and Bert where Ernie got all existential asking the question do I exist?  Seriously!  This is a real sketch.

This then got me to thinking about my own current body of work.  Having less and less printed material to pull out of the flat file and touch,  I started thinking about my own career and wondering the same question old Ernie was pondering.  If my stuff was going to exist in the future only on the web, just how did that impact the larger philosophical questions about who I am and why am I here.



OK, maybe this is a stretch, but just put it into this context…  Say from today forward photography exists only on the web.  They are the same photographs, but only live on the web.  Somewhere down the line I get hit by a bus, and they put me in the ground, burn me up, spread me on a tree, or whatever they are going to do….

They come in to the studio and clean out my stuff and what do they find????

Most likely it will be a bunch of computers and drives.  Furthermore, most likely the computers will be password protected, and will not be able to be browsed.



Recently my Great Uncle Tom passed away.  Before he was sick, we had shot a bunch of interview footage, and while he was in the hospital, we were able to go to his house and grab all his scrap books in order to cut a short documentary together about his life.  What was profound to me was the ability to sit for hours and hours and revisit this mans life via his 80+ years of photographs.  It was a real gift to me as I was able to grasp a complete and full picture of who the man really was…. which brings me back to the question today regarding our life/work existing only on the web.



What happens to this passion of ours once they unplug the computer?    Stuff to think about eh…..

Below are a bunch of companies that we have shot photographs and video for.  With the exception of US Shipping and Entegris, we don’t have any of these images represented in the physical form.  I have only seen them live on the web…

Happy Tuesday!