I got an eMail the other day asking about how we keep organized considering the volume of images that we process.

Basically, we use a simple 8 digit code for file names, and a 12 digit date code for image files.  Here’s how the work flow happens:


Images are shot (using 2 redundant cards out of the D3/D3x)

Images are transferred to the RAID, where an assistant does a rough edit.

I do a final edit.


Images are then batch renamed using our 12 digit system.  The first eight numbers represent the date.  For example, images shot on Dec. 2nd 2008 would all read: 12022008 the last four numbers represent individual images shot in sequence.  So the 71st images in the file would read 120220080071.

After the date code, we use a descriptor to label exactly what the day was.  In this case, the file reads “Corning.”

What this system does, is allow you to ID any image anywhere on the computer instantly.  It also allows you to search for an image by just knowing the date of the shoot, or by knowing the client.

Once that the images are renamed in consecutive order, any final batch processing that needs to be done is dealt with.  This may be color correction, retouching, cropping, etc… This is also where hi and low rez jpgs are created.  In general, the client will receive a disc with the hi/low jpgs as well as the NEF raw files.

For the most part, this has alowed us to keep very organized and stay on top of what images are what.  When you consider that we processed almost 3TB of (edited) images in 2008 alone, having a system is very important!

Hope this helps!