Our good friend Gary Hedrick of Elefhantworks (who has also been working with the studio as our in-house designer) played a show the other night at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA.  Richard and I went in to cover the show, and I thought I would talk briefly about the “down and dirty” lighting with SB-900 Nikon flash in tandam with the Nikon SU-800 Commander.

This is a trick I was exposed to when I taught down at the DINFOS workshop from my colleague Joe McNally and has been discussed at length by both Joe, and also David Hobby of Strobist.  Both of these guys have posted many many great articles about how they approach this technique with far better skill than I, so I wont get too into the process other than to point out how easy it was to use the system.  I must admit, if I am working on a commercial job and need portability, there is no question that I would much rather be working with my Profoto‘s for many reasons.  But for this instance of wanting to work casually in a bar setting late at night with minimal gear, the Nikon Creative Light System fit the bill.

(I must also give credit where credit is due and admit that even after Joe explained how to work the 900 and Commander together, I totally spaced and had to call up my friend and fellow photographer Tom Sperduto and have him remind me of just how simple it is to use.  Thanks Tom….)

You can learn more about using the Nikon system here at Joe’s blog, and also here at David’s blog.

Anyway… With the SU-800 on top of the camera, I was able to set the SB-900 on its side resting on an amp up on stage.  This allowed me to walk wherever I wanted and shoot freely.  Great set Gary!

SB-900 loosly placed on stage

SB-900 loosley placed on stage