gh2_2465Over the weekend, we got the whole crew together and shot the principal footage for our first annual holiday video.  The short is basically a going to be a spoof of an early 90’s music video where we all sing “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” by the Eurythmics.

The entire film will be in slow motion whilst singing the song in real time.  To do this, we imported the song into Final Cut, sped it up %200, and made an audio film with time code.  To make it easier to listen to, Richard then decreased the pitch so Annie Lennox’s voice was close to normal, but sped up much faster.

The first step was to do testing so that we could figure out how to do the effect.  By the third test, we had it down pat.




The .mov file was then uploaded to our server so we could all practice singing the lyrics at a faster rate.

You can see that clip here… Give it a second or two (actually 10 sec as we needed a blank leader to work with)




Of course, the day had to start before the sun came up, so Richard and I met at the studio at 6AM to prep and gather gear.  At 7:30 the rest of the guys showed up, and we headed over to the playground in Cohassett, MA.

All told, we had six of us.  Richard (runs our video post production department and assists,) myself, Chris (my first assistant,) Andy Locke (a good friend and client from Linear Air,) Chris Hren (my brother) and Gary (our newest member (co-founder of Elefantworks) and is now our in-house designer and creative director.)




Richard came up with a pretty cool idea.  We exported the song in a .mov file with time code to the iPhone.  I ran over to Walmart and picked up an Orbit-MP3 by Plantronics.  This is a battery operated speaker, and the idea was to have the music come right from the front of the camera in a portable fashion as we filmed.  To do so, we stuck some industrial Velcro to the top and side of the matte box of the Sony HVR-Z7u.  The speaker was stuck to the side, and the iPhone was stuck to the top.




At the beginning of each take, we placed the iPhone screen in the shot, captured the time code, and then shot the take.  This allowed us to easily sync up the music in the timeline.


From there, it was just zaniness.  We each sang the song 3 or 4 times into the camera, and then ran around playing in the playground for some “B” roll footage.   Keep an eye out for the final film.

Its not like we have the time to devote 40 hours to editing a holiday film, but I thought it would be worthwhile, and that our clients would get a kick out of it, so I put Richard on it!


Chris Hren (R) and Andy Locke (L)

Chris Hren (R) and Andy Locke (L)





Stay tuned!!!!