We shoot a fair amount of Science and Technology photography around this time of year (Annual Report Season) and one question always seems to come up year after year…

Why are science labs so messy?

I actually think this is why I love to shoot in labs so much.  Part of the tremendous challenge in shooting great photographs in locations like this is prospect of making a silk purse out of a sows ear.

The simple trick to making labs look cool is light!  If you can learn where to put your light in a lab, you are golden.  One easy place to start is how you think of walls.  You can either choose to make them go dark, or blow them out with tons of light.  If you have a blank wall, blow it out… If there is lots of clutter, let it go dark.  Also, always remember to put your light behind big things.  This will always give you some nice drama.

Here are some photos that were shot this season in labs.