Yesterday I was killing time on an airplane and instead of working, I found myself watching a DVD of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Half way through the film, Indy and Sala had just opened the top of the vault where the Ark was hidden.

Radio Active Rabbit

Radio Active Rabbit

One of them tosses a torch down to the bottom of the dark tomb and Sala asks, “Indy, why does the floor move?” To Indy’s disgust, he replies, “Snakes, why did it have to be snakes.”

This is where Sala gives his unforgettable reply, “Asps. Very dangerous! You go first!”

I immediately laughed out loud as I though of a shoot we did last week in Cambridge, MA.

We were shooting photos and video of technology and had pretty much finished up for the day when one of the researchers came up to us and said, “Hey. I’m going to turn on the big laser if you want to come shoot that!”

Well, I have been in enough labs to know that when they use the “big” whatever, you might want to think twice about your safety.

So when I saw Richards eyes light up at the prospect of being shot in the face with a high powered laser, I thought… Lasers. Very dangerous. You go first…