Show me "Tiger!"

Chris!  Show me “Tiger”

I believe that the key to doing good work is to keep it light, and have a good time doing it!  Over the past two months, we have been shooting product for a company called Work N Gear south of Boston.  We have spend several days at their facility shooting some simple, but solid catalog work.  Some photographers arent interested in doing work like this, but for us it has been a blast.  Consequently, I think it shows in the work.

Trying out the clothing...

Trying out the clothing…

Too close Chris.... Too damn close!

Too close Chris…. Too damn close!

When I started in the business, I was often told that my work was just too damn broad.  Photographers that I would assist for would all say, “you have to decide what it is you want to shoot, and concentrate on that!

This was when I would always pull out my favorite old-tyme word….Balderdash!  Having the ability to shoot many different styles is a commercially viable skill, and has paid off over the past ten years.

Light testing

Light testing

Muscles Kearney

Muscles Kearney

Over my career, I have stuck to my guns, and have worked to keep my portfolio as broad as possible.  My favorite notion with regards to the commercial photography business is “one job, one photographer.”

This means that when you hire a really good photographer with a strong, broad range, you will ultimately get a better unified body of work through out the campaign.

A good example of what I am talking about is the Corning Annual Report (web site  under “campaigns”.)  During that campaign, we were able to shoot portraits, architecture, industrial, and high tech images all the time keeping the same stylistic look.

AKA - Stylist

Tony: AKA – “The Real Stylist”

Come on Chris... That just aint right!

Come on Chris… That just aint right!

It is for this fundamental reason that I was so excited to work with my friend Anthony Modano from Work N Gear shooting product shots at their corporate headquarters.

Lots of photographers insist on shooting in a studio or a “controlled” environment.  Our approach to this kind of work has always been down and dirty.  We like to think we can bring the studio to the client, and get any kind of shot in any environment.



Enjoy some of fun side of shooting catalouge shots!  Thanks to CB (Chris), Tony, Gary, and Chris C!

Final ad

Final ad