We were shooting more catalogue work today on white seamless at Work N Gear, and as we were shooting larger groups of product, I decided to just mount the camera up in the air on a boom and fire the camera remotely.

I blogged a bit about this in the past when we shot that MTB rider in Wampatuck State park, but as it is a pretty cool thing to do, I thought I would bring it up again.

So heres what you need:  4 Poket Wizard Transcievers and a Pocket Wizard remote camera cord.

Connect a Wizard to the hotshoe on the camera, put that on channel 1.  Connect a Wizard to your strobe (also on channel 1.)  Connect a Wizard to the remote port on your camera via the Pocket Wizard cable, set that Wizard to channel 2.  Finally, set a fourth Wizard also to channel 2.  This 4th Wizard will be held in your hand and used to trigger the cascade.

How it works:  Basically, when you press the “fire” button on the Wizard in your hand, a signal is sent to the Wizard connected via the remote cable and into the remote port.  This signals the camera to fire.  When the camera fires, another signal is then sent out the hot shoe, into the Wizard on top of the camera via channel 1 to the Wizard attached to the strobe.

Confused yet?  Its really very simple, and a cool trick.

Today, once we set our focus, and framing, we were able to just keep dropping in products and snapping photos.  No need to be up on a ladder trying to be exactly over the product.

Good luck!